We Don’t Just Decode Data.
We Teach It to Talk.

Welcome to the world of, where we’re rewriting the script for data interaction. We're not just about turning complex data into understandable insights. We're about transforming your data into a conversationalist, fluent in the language of your business.
We believe in a world where data drives decisions and insights are not locked behind technical barriers. With our AI-powered query generator, we're turning this vision into reality. We're here to accelerate your team's performance, turning hours into seconds, and complex queries into simple questions​
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Our Genesis

Our story began when our founders, Jonathan Aeschlimann, Pedro Nascimento, and Lourenço Maciel, saw the challenges businesses faced in handling, understanding, and leveraging their data effectively. With their combined expertise in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, advertising, computer science, machine learning, and engineering, they embarked on a mission to transform the way businesses interact with their data​​.

The team now includes second time founders and seasoned big-tech engineers from Google, Meta, Microsoft and Twitter.
Jonathan Aeschlimann
CEO & Co-Founder
Pedro Nascimento
CTO & Co-Founder
Lourenço Maciel
CPO & Co-Founder
Vitor Lourenço
Founding Engineer
Julia Togashi
Founding Engineer
Founding Engineer
Joaquín Tournier
Founding Designer
We are a proud member of the Y Combinator Summer 2022 batch, and with the trust of our investors, we are on an accelerated path towards our mission​.
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A World Where
Everyone Speaks Data

Imagine walking into a room where everyone is conversing in a language you can't understand. That's how many people feel when they encounter data. We're here to change that. We're creating a universal language where data isn't just understood—it's conversed with.