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Start using @Findly to talk with your data, generate scheduled reports, and promote insightful collaboration.
Powerfully simple
Ask questions to your Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and BigQuery data.
Generate reports
Convert conversations with Findly into PDFs.
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Foster teamwork around data
Promote a collaborative environment powered by information and AI with Findly. Let your team share insights, annotate reports, and communicate within the platform.
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Break the decision delay paradigm

Start focusing on finding insights, not searching data.
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Set up your sources
Gain insights into your audience with GA4's user-centric analytics, tracking user interactions across your websites and apps in a privacy-first era.
Optimize your advertising efforts by analyzing the performance and reach of your Facebook Ads campaigns, refining targeting for maximum impact.
Harness the power of BigQuery's serverless data warehouse to analyze and share large datasets efficiently, enabling scalable and informed decision-making.
Play around with data
Visualize data
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Our data visualization feature allows you to turn numbers and datasets into easy-to-read charts and graphs. This straightforward approach helps you quickly grasp your performance metrics, analyze trends, and identify areas for improvement or success. It's about making data accessible and actionable for everyone on your team, without the fluff.

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Schedule reports
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Stay informed and keep your team aligned with scheduled reports from Findly. Set up automatic delivery of your most important metrics directly to your inbox at the frequency you choose. Whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, these reports ensure that you and your team are always up to date with the latest data insights, enabling timely decisions based on current trends.

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Use templates
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Jumpstart your data analysis with Findly's template feature. Instead of starting from scratch, choose from a range of pre-designed templates that cater to various business needs and objectives. These templates provide a structured framework for your reports and analyses, saving you time and effort while maintaining consistency in your data presentation. It's about getting straight to the insights you need, using a path that's already paved for you.

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Compare through data periods

Ask Findly to compare data points or manually create and customize comparisons.

Receive interpreted data

Findly can operate over your data using Python to produce insights and advanced responses.

Built to scale
Swift data integrations

Findly's flexible architecture allows seamless integration with various sources. Not finding your preferred one? Let us know

Simple query validation

Our AI-powered query generator is designed for accuracy and reliability, allowing your data team to validate queries with ease and ensure precise information delivery.

Keep control of your data

Security is our top priority. With Findly, your data remains on your server, maintaining the privacy and integrity of your valuable information.

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