Take smarter decisions using data

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Sync and Talk to Data

Connect to your company’s data or to any specialized API datasets to get advanced analytics and predictions.

Create Dashboards

See the big picture in stunning, real-time clarity.

Schedule Reports and Insights

Automated insights via email, Slack or Teams, delivered right on time
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Integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Stay in sync with insights at your fingertips

Customize access and Collaborate

Invite, manage, and conquer data together
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Custom fit for any industry
We train our AI models to your specific BI needs
An new technical approach
Using a semantic layer for seamless data understanding.
White label for enterprises
Enhance your value. Offer AI tools under your brand.
Built to scale
Swift data integrations

Findly’s adaptable architecture ensures effortless integration with a wide range of data sources. Not finding your preferred one? Let us know

Simple query validation

Our machine learning query generator is built for accuracy. Ensure precise and reliable information delivery with Findly’s advanced AI query validation.

Keep control of your data

Security is our top priority. With Findly, your data remains on your server, maintaining the privacy and integrity of your valuable information.

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