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Wish you could just ask Google Analytics 4 for the reports you want?

Now it's possible! Chat with GA4 using Findly
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Instead of manual exploration, simply ask things like, “How many MAU did we have last month?”.
Our AI interface processes your query, dives into your GA4 data, and allows tailored visualizations.
Authenticate your Google Analytics (GA4) account with Findly AI to start using your data.
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Our AI-driven query generator is accurate and dependable. your data team can validate the queries to ensure you receive the correct information.

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Trimming the Fat, Not the Insight
Struggling to converse with your Google Analytics 4 data? Findly is the best alternative to streamline that process for you. Our AI-driven tool makes it incredibly efficient, simple, and fast to extract insights from your data. Findly ensures you focus only on what's essential — making data-driven decisions clearer and more accessible.
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Insights at Warp Speed
Why wait for weekly reports when you can get real-time insights? @Findly brings the power of AI to your fingertips, delivering swift insights that keep pace with your fast-moving business. It's like having a strategic advisor who works round the clock, because in business, time is money.
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Numbers? Meet Words
Don’t let your data hide behind spreadsheets and complex code. @Findly translates your data into a language you understand - business. No more data science degree needed to decipher your performance metrics. Your business story is now as accessible as the morning paper.
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Have Questions? Check our FAQ

How does Findly work?
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Findly uses AI-powered natural language generation technology to allow users to query their database in plain language through a communication tool like Slack. It then generates intuitive visualizations and reports that can be customized, exported, and shared.

What platforms does Findly integrate with?
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Findly offers a streamlined integration with both Google Analytics and Slack. This allows users to effortlessly talk to their Google Analytics data, while simultaneously communicating and sharing insights within the Slack environment.

How does Findly's pricing model work?
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Findly offers tiered pricing options that are tailored to different organization sizes and needs. Pricing is based on the number of users, the amount of data queried, and the level of support required. Additionally, Findly offers premium support and customization options for organizations that require additional assistance.

How do I get started with Findly?
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To begin with Findly, simply sign up for our free plan. After signing up, you can immediately explore the tool. If you need any guidance, our team is ready to assist and ensure that you have everything necessary to make the most out of Findly.

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