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ChatGPT for Your Business Metrics

Start using @Findly to talk directly with your data, generate instant reports, or get answers directly on Slack.

Break the decision delay paradigm

Start focusing on finding insights, not searching data.
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Discover the power of chatting with Google Analytics
Chat directly with your data warehouse
Built to scale
Swift data integration

Findly's flexible architecture allows seamless integration with various databases, no matter your organization's tech stack.

Simple query validation

Our AI-powered query generator is designed for accuracy and reliability, allowing your data team to validate queries with ease and ensure precise information delivery.

Keep control of your data

Security is our top priority. With Findly, your data remains on your server, maintaining the privacy and integrity of your valuable information.

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quick export
Quick export your findings

Our AI-driven query generator is accurate and dependable. your data team can validate the queries to ensure you receive the correct information.

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Connect to your Slack workspace

Interact with your data directly from your workspace, enhancing team communication.

Connect your google analytics data

Enhance your data management and easily onboard your existing ga4 metrics into Findly.


An All-Knowing Tool,
Supercharged by ML

Findly revolutionizes your interaction with data. By adding a semantic layer, we create a common language between you and your data, ensuring optimal efficiency and accuracy. Our ML model learns from this layer, guaranteeing precise insights every time.

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Precision: Guarantees accurate insights from complex data.
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Efficiency: Streamlines your data interaction and decision-making process.
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Adaptability: Flexible and responsive to your unique business needs.
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