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Imagine asking your database whatever you want

Start using @Findly to communicate directly with your company's data, using plain language.
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Leave the SQL to Findly.
Focus on what matters

Accelerate your data team's performance with up to 97% faster ad-hoc data requests.
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Built to scale
Integrate with any database

Findly's flexible architecture allows seamless integration with various databases, no matter your organization's tech stack.

Simple query validation

Our AI-driven query generator is accurate and dependable. your data team can validate the queries to ensure you receive the correct information.

Keep control of your data

Security is our top priority. With Findly, your data remains on your server, maintaining the privacy and integrity of your valuable information.

A dashboard designed for faster query management.

Your data team can now review and approve queries faster than ever.
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Work within Slack or Teams

Findly's flexible architecture allows seamless integration with various communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Eliminate context switching and save valuable time
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Reduce friction and facilitate knowledge transfer
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Enhance team collaboration and alignment
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Visualize results for fast insights

Transform your data into intuitive visualizations that enable quick analysis and data-driven decisions.

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Unlock insights and identify opportunities
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Enable data-driven decision making and innovation
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Communicate complex data in an intuitive and compelling way
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Permission management

Easily manage user access and permissions, ensuring that the right people have access to the right data.

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Ensure data security and compliance
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Maintain control over sensitive information
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Optimize team workflows and information sharing
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Customizable exports

Export your data, visualizations, and reports in various formats like PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint for easy sharing and collaboration.

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Share insights with stakeholders and decision makers
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Increase efficiency and reduce manual effort
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Store data in an intuitive way
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Swift onboarding

Integrate seamlessly with your current database infrastructure.

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Accelerate time-to-value and reduce friction
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Maximize data accessibility and minimize downtime
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Enable faster decision-making and action-taking
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Frustrated by the technical barriers preventing your team from making data-driven decisions?

Break down those barriers with @Findly
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Integrate with any database
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